Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Post 2

Did You Know
The united states is getting behind on learning and technology compared to other countries. China population will soon be able to speak English more than any other country in the world. English is a second language for china and they are mastering how to speak it more than any other country. This should be an eye opener for all Americas.We as Americas should also be willing to learn a second language so that we don't fall father be hide.

Another issues is that technology is always changing and becoming better that before. Technology is becoming so advance that it is teaching people and training them for jobs that are not even available yet. The united states rank lower than other country in the used of broadband internet.This means that other country are learning more faster than us and when the jobs do become available they will be consider first because they know the most. Instead of complaining that other countries are getting all of the good jobs we need to be willing to learn in the same manner that they are. We need to take technology serious or we will get left behide.
Mr.Winkle Wakes
Technology has changed a lot over the last hundred years and its is being used everywhere except where it is needs to be used the most( in schools).If you stop and take a look around then you would notice things that you would have never imagine seeing a hundred years ago.My grandmother always tells me times have changed things are not like they were when she was growing up.My grandmother is right things are changing due to the improvement of technology.

After viewing the clip " Mr.Winkle Wakes" I begain to remember how things were when I was back in school. We had outdated computers that we didn't use to much.I believe that if we would have had better technology and more teachers willing to use the technology then school would have been more exciting. Now in days there is so much technology that schools could be using such as Skype, smart boards and other educational tools. The problem is most schools can't affords these types of equipment due to lack of funds.There are many ways around this issue. Schools should try to get a sponsor or have fundraisers to raise money for the equipment. I also believe that teachers should be required to take course annually to keep up with the changes so that they can better educate their students.

The Importance of Creativity

Education that today's youth receives is meant to be used for the future.The education curriculum is set up to teach people how to get jobs.Although this is thought to be a good practice, it leaves out room for creativity.Schools spend most of the day teaching subjects such as math, English and writing.Students have little to no time in music and arts classes. Students are taught that they have a greater chance of getting a job by learning math and English then they do by learning art.

Overtime students began to lose their creativity.There is than old saying "if you don't uses it then, you lose it".Kids should be given more time in music and art class so that the can embrace their creative sides.Younger kids love being creative and they are not afraid of being wrong.
If given the change there is no telling what they could become. Teachers could teach required courses and allow student to be creative at the same time.One way of doing this to allow the to be creative though projects.

A Vision for 21st Century Learning

A few of the main arguments of the video are that Schools are not keeping up with the latest technology and that students would learn better if the were doing something that they could relate to such as playing a video game.I believe that school should use technology to help teach the class.All students don't learn the same way. Instead of lecture some student prefer hands on learning.Video games are a great way of allowing students the chance to learn and have fun at the same time without even trying.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Involving technolgy in a class room can create a whole new world of learning for many students.learning through a computer could help the student that struggle to learn from their teacher and understand the lesson better. Students get to learn for themselves and also teach the class a few of the things that they have learned. Some lesson also teach the teachers.

The best thing about using technology in the classroom is that most program online are free. The only thing that the school have to provide is the computer. Teachers can also allow their student to bring their own computer if computers are limited in class.Students could also bring cell phones with internet access and digital cameras to school.Allowing student to used these devices will cut down on the cost to print papers.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Post 1

 My name is Kabrina Harris,I live in Saraland,Alabama.Sarland is located in north mobile. A few of my interests are listening to music and reading books. I listen to classic R&B music whenever I am not working, at school or taking care of my son.I also try to read at least 3 books a month. One of my favorite author is Sharon Draper. I love her writing style mainly because she writes about subject that I can relate to. I attended Bishop State Community College for two years before coming to USA. I chose USA college of education because its close to my house and I am not really ready to move away from my family.
  I currently work part time at a local Wal-mart and attend USA as a full time student .In the fall of last year I became a proud first time mother of a baby boy.When I'm not at school or work I try to spend as much time with him as possible.One of the main reason that I want to enter into the education field is because I love children. Although teachers don't get paid a lot and they  have to work very hard I still believe that there are some good reason to become a teacher. Making a differences in a child's life is a very good reason to become a teacher. Another reason good perk is that teachers don't work weekend or holidays. Having those days off will give me time to spend with my family.
I have a strong passions for cooking. I'm a new mom so I am trying to learn how to cook. I love finding new recipes to cook. I am eager to learn how to cook from stretch and create new dishes.

Time Management 

 Randy Pausch time management video taught me a few pointers. The most important thing that I learned from the video is to work on the harder task first then do the easier ones. I tend to put the harder task off til later and run out of time because I waited to late to do them.  He also help me realize that I should treat time the same way that I treat money.

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